Ivo Martinenghi, born in Milan in 1994, studied Cello at Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan, where he graduated with full marks and honors. Winner of several prizes within international competitions, he performed into ma

ny soloist concerts (for milanese “Società del Quartetto”; at Sala Verdi of Milan Conservatory, a

t Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza). Chamber music concerts are numerous too (for example with New MADE Ensemble and with pianist Bruno Canino) as same as orchestral concerts, with several tours all over Europe (Italy, Germany, France, England, Switzerland) and in Dubai. In 2016 he collaborated with Sony Music label for the realization of an album. In 2019 italian composer Giovanni Allevi invited him to play a d

uo piano-cello as part of his own concert in Turin. In Milan Conservatory he studied Composition too, and in 2015 he attended “Educational Music Academy” courses by the italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia, who he collaborated with also as cellist for some albums and concerts. In 2019 he published his first album of own original piano solo compositions, “Dialogue”, which he frequently plays during his soloist concerts. In the same year he began cello teacher at “Florence (Dalian) Culture & Arts Exchange Center” music school in Dalian, China