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Since 2006, The Bel Canto Institute, in collaboration with Il Trillo of Florence, annually holds its summer program at our school. The program hosts important teachers and concert performers from the Metropolitan Opera of New York, the  Juilliard School, the University of Michigan and European Conservatories

Young singers from all around the world take part in the summer program. They attend advanced training courses and hold a series of concerts in the most beautiful halls of the city.

The Bel Canto Institute, pursuing the objective of teaching and keeping alive the style and tradition of Italian Opera, was founded in 1987 in New York by Professor Jane Klaviter, assistant at the Metropolitan Opera House for many years, and collaborator with the most famous opera singers in the world.


This is an association directed by Maestro Michele Marasco that organizes masterclasses, seminars, and concerts.

During the past several years it has been actively collaborating with the Il Trillo Music School, organizing the Festival Flautisti in Festa, an international event dedicated to the flute in the context of the S. Gazzelloni Music Encounters.

The festival is attended by students from all Italian schools, academies, and conservatories, and alternate concerts with workshops, seminars, and master classes directed by the most important Italian flutists in the world, such as: Andrea Oliva, Paolo Taballione, Michele Marasco, Lucciano Tristaino, Filippo Rogai, and many others.

Many students who have attended these advanced training courses are currently playing in the most important European orchestras.


The festival was founded in 2011 with the collaboration of Il Trillo and music schools and institutes of different and various Korean arts.

For one week, Korean and Italian musicians perform in the most beautiful concert halls of the city, while painters, sculptors, and artists of various disciplines present their works in important art galleries and even outdoors.

Singers, young orchestras, choirs, and groups of traditional Korean music, participate in Il Trillo’s masterclasses to study and deepen their experience in Italian and European traditional music repertoires, and to engage in intense concert activity.


All the Maestri who offer lessons are internationally renowned artists:

Leone Magiera (legendary pianist of Luciano Pavarotti); Nicoletta Maggino, lyrical singing; Michele Marasco, flute; Gianluigi Zampieri, conducting; Luigi Nazareno Todarello, scenic arts; Anna Tocafondi, score reading, and many others.


In June 2018 in Dalian (China) an Asian branch of Il Trillo was inaugurated with the aim of creating a cultural bridge between Italy and China through the organization of concerts and the promotion of European classical music.

This new office is associated with the music departments of important American universities and European conservatories, and is in charge of:

  • Music education for children by adopting innovative didactic methods of music teaching.
  • Preparation to aid in taking different levels of exams
  • Technology applied to music
  • Study abroad planning
  • Organization of high-level masterclasses and thematic seminars

The school is equipped with a large modern auditorium serving programs for various of audiences, and a recording studio for producing and promoting young music talents and educational materials.

The lessons are taught by Italian Maestri, who make use of Il Trillo’s teaching methods.


Several years ago Il Trillo opened a branch in Seoul (South Korea), the president of which is the famous conductor Wook Byun.

Korean students follow the educational program of academic courses designed by Il Trillo, and then they come to Italy to take exams, high-level courses, and to perform in concerts.

It is important to note that the Korean branch provides only advanced courses for all instruments, voice, and conducting.