Students gain a basic understanding of vocal technique and development. They pay close attention to breathing, tone development, and vocal diction.
This course also provides a study of Italian diction and expressiveness of text in songs and arias. Students gain an understanding of sound production and correct pronunciation of the Italian language.

  1. Beginners: breathing techniques, diction, support and development and simple vocalization.
    Repertoire: Arie Antiche, Chamber Music, and Art Song.
  2. Intermediate: a more intensive study of breathing techniques, proper support, diction, and vocalization (scales and arpeggios).
    Repertoire: Bel Canto Art Song and Opera Arias (Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini).
  3. Advanced: refining technique (support and vocal production), lyric diction (including German and French, study of stage craft). Vocalization (advanced scales and arpeggios) and overall song interpretation.
    Repertoire: Lieder; Mèlodies; Italian, French, and German Opera.